We at RA-CIC recognise the challenge for employers in constructively and lawfully supporting employees whose health condition impacts on their ability to perform their roles. It is not always straightforward determining if employees are eligible to request reasonable adjustments, and if so which might be the most practical and effective to support both the employee and the business.

We have been providing employers and employees with information, guidance and assistance to find the right adjustments for many years. It is our experience that identifying the specific aspects of work that create a barrier for the employee as a result of their health condition and suggesting appropriate adjustments to remove the barrier are key to identifying practical and effective solutions. Unfortunately, this information is often missed in generic reports about an employee’s fitness to work, and suggestions for adjustments too broad or vague, such as ‘lighter duties’. Too often generalised discussions fail to look at the details of the job or workplace in order to enable employers to consider what might be reasonable adjustments in conversation with their employee.

Have a look at the questions you are asking when seeking help with adjustments. Think about whether anyone has taken the time to analyse the specifics of an employee’s job with a view to identifying exactly what it is that might need adapting. Consider whether there has been a collaborative discussion between the line manager, employee and HR about how to problem solve issues that arise from such a constructive discussion.

It is our view that the above approach helps everyone to find the unique solutions that can work for all in any given situations. Call us to find out how we at RA-CIC can help.