Cheryl Tudor

Cheryl is a director of Reasonable Adjustments CIC. She is responsible for ensuring that the services provided to employees, employers and representatives are of the highest quality. She has experience of supporting individuals and teams to make helpful changes to the way they work through her training and coaching.

Cheryl is an Occupational therapist and registered Case Manager who has specialised in work and health for over 20 years in the public and private sector. She has led innovative 3rd sector Vocational Services.

Cheryl has extensive case management and clinical experience of working with individuals with a range of health conditions, predominantly mental health, neuro-diverse conditions and what are sometimes called ‘hidden disabilities’.

Cheryl experience of working in vocational rehabilitation has built her belief that collaborative, practical and solution focused approaches can make a huge difference to employees and employers. This she believes,  goes a long way to both maintaining productivity and keeping people with long term conditions at work.

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