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  • Do you have a long-term health condition or disability?
  • Are you struggling at work or off work and trying to return to work?
  • Are you worried about disclosing a health condition?
  • Have you been trying to get support or negotiate reasonable adjustments?

We understand that discussing private matters about your health condition or disability at work can be difficult. We are aware that achieving support and adjustments at work can be complex and sensitive terrain. We have worked with hundreds of employees who want to be at work and feel it is their right to be able to do so.

Your Rights

The Equality Act 2010 governs the law at work in relation to disability. 5.7 million people of working age are likely to have protection under the Equality Act. Employees and employers are often not aware of this. If you are protected by the Equality Act your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments. Even if you are not protected an employer always has to act reasonably. We can help you work out what this means for you.

Taking action can prevent problems arising at work and minimise the impact of your health condition or disability on job performance in the long term. It is never too early to consider effective and preventative adjustments.

This works whether you have a new, long term, fluctuating, deteriorating or terminal condition.

This applies to physical health conditions, mental health issues, and cognitive and neuro-diverse conditions.

Our Approach

Every case is different. We are there to assist you through this process using appropriate health expertise, relevant assessment tools and the best guidance available. We recommend an interactive process that involves you and your employees, but only when you are ready to share our advice and guidance with them. We are here to help. You can discuss your needs and concerns with us in complete confidence.


Are you struggling to support an employee with a long-term health condition or disability?

Legal & Trade Unions

Do you provide advice and representation to employees or employers around disability and the Equality Act?


We offer a range of training to achieve positive and preventative approaches to enabling adjustments in the workplace.

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