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Many of us will develop a health condition at some point in our life that impacts on our work. 

Therefore it is safe to assume that a proportion of your workforce will have one or more long term health conditions which you may or may not know about.

We understand that creating a culture within your workplace where employees feel able to disclose disabilities (including long term health conditions) is not easy. We understand that dealing with health conditions at work is complex and sensitive terrain. We know that you understand this has implications for adjustments at work. Getting the right advice to guide you in this interactive conversation, and in pinning down the right adjustments, can be tricky.

Our Approach

We start by considering whether your employee is likely to have a disability under the Equality Act? However, we will also tell you that it is often best not to get too hung up on this question. We will help you review what adjustments will remove the disadvantage an employee’s health condition brings to specific aspects of their job performance?

Taking positive action as an employer can prevent and minimise detrimental impact on job performance in the long term. It is never too early to consider effective and preventative adjustments. Our skills lie in unpacking the issues from your perspective while working to understand the employee’s needs. We will assist you to establish a constructive conversation with your employee; to bring all parties to the table. In our experience this approach means that hurdles can be overcome, problems can be nipped in the bud and adjustments can be resolved.

This works whether the employee has a new, long term, fluctuating deteriorating or terminal condition.

This applies to physical health conditions, mental health issues, and cognitive and neuro-diverse conditions.

Every case is different – we are there to assist you through this process using appropriate health expertise, relevant assessment tools, recourse to the best guidance and a transparent and interactive process that involves all parties.


Do you have a health condition or disability that is affecting your ability to do your job or get back to work?

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Do you provide advice and representation to employees or employers around disability and the Equality Act?


We offer a range of training to achieve positive and preventative approaches to enabling adjustments in the workplace.

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