We always provide a full quotation so that you know exactly what fees you will be incurring before deciding to go ahead with our service.

Free call

We offer a free call of 20 minutes to anyone contacting our service.

Agreement about fees

If you decide that you need further assistance then we will explain the fee structure that applies and get your express agreement to this before taking matters further.

Fixed Fees

We offer fixed fees for an initial consultation, reading papers and creating a Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

In more complex cases more work may be needed. We will advise whether we recommend this and agree any increase in the fee plan.

We expect that most cases will cost between £375 and £1000. We will charge employers a bit more than employees to equalise access to the service.


Employers can access our service directly as described above or can decide to refer an employee to us for assistance in drawing up a Reasonable Adjustment Plan. Either way, we will assist to facilitate a discussion around the plan.


We can also be brought in to mediate where assistance is needed in facilitating agreement arising out of the respective needs of employer and employee.


Do you have a health condition or disability that is affecting your ability to do your job or get back to work?


Are you struggling to support an employee with a long-term health condition or disability?

Legal & Trade Unions

Do you provide advice and representation to employees or employers around disability and the Equality Act?


We offer a range of training to achieve positive and preventative approaches to enabling adjustments in the workplace.

Let's Work Together