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Reasonable Adjustments is an occupational therapy led service specialising in assessing whether your client or member is likely to be protected under the Equality Act 2010. We then assess the impact of long term health conditions and disability on work and find solutions to reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable Adjustments uses Occupational Therapists accredited as specialists in work to assess a worker’s capacity to carry out their job and to identify and assist with the implementation of reasonable adjustments.

We can help whether you are representing an employer or an employee; whether you are a legal representative or a trade union representative. Call us to discuss your needs and concerns in complete confidence.


Do you have a health condition or disability that is affecting your ability to do your job or get back to work?


Are you struggling to support an employee with a long-term health condition or disability?


We offer a range of training to achieve positive and preventative approaches to enabling adjustments in the workplace.

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