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Why us

The starting point for Reasonable Adjustments is the Equality Act 2010.

How can we assist employer and employees to work together within the spirit of the Act?

The essence of Reasonable Adjustment is to work collaboratively to find individual solutions specific to the needs of the employee and employer whenever possible.

Our Expertise

Reasonable Adjustments uses the expertise of work accredited occupational therapists who are highly experienced practitioners with an understanding of the
interface between work, health and the law.

Reasonable Adjustments’ therapists have within their team the expertise of accredited mediators and an employment lawyer. The team are used to dealing with employment problems, and all the complexities that arise within a workplace for employers and employees. They know how to tackle difficult issues in a constructive way.

Reasonable Adjustments has extensive experience of working with employers, employees, trade unions and legal representatives to address the impact of complex health needs on work.

Our Team

Gerry Mcfeely

Gerry is a Director of Reasonable Adjustments CIC. He is responsible for ensuring that our expert assessments of health and work enable realistic and practical bridge building between employees and employers.

Cheryl Tudor

Cheryl is a Director of Reasonable Adjustments CIC. She is responsible for ensuring the work delivered by Reasonable Adjustments is of the highest standard through audit and evaluation, overseeing service development activities and embedding emerging evidence into practice.

Kathleen Bolt

Kathleen is a Director of Reasonable Adjustments CIC. She is responsible for ensuring our services are delivered within the context of the Equality Act 2010 and your workplace.

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