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Research shows that a person-centred approach is the best way to reduce employee sickness absence rates, retain a productive and experienced workforce, and assist employees to meet their contractual obligations to their employer. When this is done effectively it improves job tenure, job performance and gains the support and satisfaction of employees.

Importantly, it allows employers to work within the statutory framework of employment and equality law to get the best results for the business, including a dignified exit for some employees facing real and difficult capacity issues at work.

This approach reduces the likelihood of unnecessary disputes, litigation and attached costs. It can bring parties together to resolve disputes where they have already developed.

  • We encourage employees to instruct us directly in confidence and we will assist them to develop an action plan to share with their employer when ready to do so.
  • We encourage employers or their agents to instruct us directly in this collaborative spirit.
  • We encourage employers to refer employees to us, perhaps with financial assistance, knowing we will assist everyone to find solutions that work for all.
  • This approach retains employees in work with the right adjustments and minimises the time, effort and resources that arise when the right help is not available.

Social Enterprise & Community Interest Company

Reasonable Adjustments is a not-for-profit community interest company. Success for us is when employees and employers can find agreement on reasonable adjustments to enable the employee to remain at work and contribute effectively to the workplace. Our goal is to give pragmatic and strategic advice to harness the power of the Equality Act and equalise opportunity in the workplace for employers experiencing illness and disability. We believe that most employees and employers want this help to find the shared, common ground. All our efforts are aimed at this purpose. Any surplus profits are spent on increasing access to our service.

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