Listening Understanding Assisting

Our Training:

  • Encourages a culture of disclosure
  • Supports early collaboration where a health condition or disability is disclosed
  • Builds capacity for effective interaction between HR, managers and employees 
  • Nips problems in the bud

Customised to your needs around:

  • Understanding disability and long- term health conditions in the workplace: finding solutions and avoiding disability discrimination
  • Moving from a difficult to a constructive conversation
  • Understanding how to commission work ability assessment as an enabling tool
  • Utilising mediation skills and conflict resolution
  • Using Wellness Recovery Action Plans at Work
  • Implementing Reasonable Adjustment procedures and agreement



Do you have a health condition or disability that is affecting your ability to do your job or get back to work?


Are you struggling to support an employee with a long-term health condition or disability?

Legal & Trade Unions

Do you provide advice and representation to employees or employers around disability and the Equality Act?

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