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A Social Enterprise

We provide an affordable and accessible service for employees. We work resolve difference positively around health at work. We consider any need for reasonable adjustments.


Listening and Understanding

Every case is different. We listen first in order to understand the 
issues from your perspective.



The essence of reasonable adjustments is to work collaboratively. We will help you find individual solutions specific to the needs of both employee and employer.


Do you have a health condition or disability that is affecting your ability to do your job or get back to work?


Are you struggling to support an employee with a long-term health condition or disability?

Legal & Trade Unions Representatives

Do you provide advice and representation to employees or employers around disability and the Equality Act?


We offer a range of training to achieve positive and preventative approaches to endabling adjustments in the workplace.



Does the Equality Act apply to you?

You have a long-term health condition: this might have visible effects or cause hidden impairments. It might be something you have had for a long time or may have developed more recently. Your health condition may be fairly static, or your symptoms and ability to...

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